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Forum Rules

Post by Pete » Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:23 am

1. No Spamming. Search existing topics before posting and add your thoughts to existing threads. Everyone benefits.

2. Members should use a descriptive subject when posting a new topic. This is not really a rule that would get anybody in trouble, it's mainly just a suggestion to help your threads to be found in search results. If you compose a thread title that contains keywords such as a politician's name or an actual event that happened, I can almost guarantee it will increase the odds that people will respond. Examples of weak thread titles would be something like "What an idiot!" or "Here we go again". (If you have posted anything similar I did not choose your titles to denigrate you)

3. No personal attacks allowed. Call-out threads will almost certainly be locked or deleted. A call-out thread is one that is created simply to berate or harass another member. If your target's name is in the thread title, it will probably not end well for your thread.

4. No obscene pics or videos. No suggestions of sexual acts or bodily excretory functions or descriptions thereof.

5. Jokes are acceptable, as long as they don't violate any of the other rules

6. Admin/Mods will have a lot of latitude to edit/remove offensive language that crosses the line of common decency. There is a difference between saying "I think your politics are bull%$&@" and "You are nothing but a steaming pile of bull%$&@". It will be a judgment call; that's why we have mods. If you try to circumvent the censored word list by changing the spacing or using special characters, you will be subject to account suspension.

7 No posting of personal information, This could result in a immediate ban without notice as this can endanger a person's privacy and even their life. This includes fabricated personal information

8. One ID per user, If you are caught with more then one ID all but one will be removed(mods discretion which ones will be removed). Mods can make exceptions to the one ID rule if you contact us with good reason on why you need more than one.

9. Do not abuse the post reporting system(reporting a comment you don't like about a public figure, reporting a comment just because you don't like a user, reporting a comment because you don't agree with it). Also please do not assume that 'nothing is being done' when you report a post. Most of the measures that are taken will remain hidden to most of the membership. Admin considers it unfair for Admin/Mods to publicly humiliate our members.

10. If you receive a warning or PM from Admin, do not attack the Mods on the forum or via PM. Although all reported posts are discussed in private by Mods and Admin, Admin makes the final decision. In short, if you have a problem with a warning or PM, talk to Admin. The buck stops here. Any threads created to complain about warnings or PMs are prohibited and will be locked or removed at the discretion of Admin.

11. No linking to other forums, even in PM's. There is a formal procedure to establish affiliation to other forums.

12. No racist, sexist, homophobic posts, or posts that are insulting to disabled people. These types of posts will move you right to the top of our sh** list.

13. If you quote someone in a post, please try to leave the quote as it was originally posted. When there are long posts and you only want to respond to a point or two, editing for precision and detail is absolutely appropriate... if someone is editing to actually change the meaning of a post, that's different.

14. Don't tell other posters to 'go away' or 'go to another forum'. That will also clinch you a spot our sh** list. When we reach the milestone of 1000 members perhaps we can revisit this rule.

15. If your account is suspended, any attempt to re-register with another name could result in a permanent ban..
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