14-year-old boy gets sucked inside drain at water park after 'dare'

No way, man!
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14-year-old boy gets sucked inside drain at water park after 'dare'

Post by 007 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:52 am

Police: 14-year-old boy gets sucked inside drain at water park after 'dare'

https://www.wmtw.com/article/police-14- ... e/28707522


A Texas teenager was critically injured over the weekend when he was sucked into a water park drain.

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Troschessett told KTRK that it happened Saturday at the Fun Town Water Park in Crystal Beach.

"From my understanding, it might have been on a dare," Troschessett explained. "He's a large, 14-year-old, my size, 5'11", and he picked it (the grate) up, and when he did that, he slipped into the intake."

A park employee quickly shut the pipes off, and the teen was able to escape, but he suffered major internal injuries and was rushed to the hospital.

"Sad, tragic situation for the family," Troschessett said. "I hope he's doing well. Prayers are going to be needed."

The teen's father is reportedly a volunteer firefighter and a fundraiser has been planned for Saturday at High Island High School.

The water park owner said his heart goes out to the family, but declined to comment further.

Troschessett said officials are investigating how the teen was able to move the grate.

"Is there a way to put a lock on it, or some kind of device that screws it down so somebody is not able just to pick it up so easily," Troschessett said.


People are getting dumber and dumber. I've been to Water parks over the years and I never once in my life have thought "maybe I should play with the drain" not even as a little kid did i even think that might be a good Idea.

Troschessett is there away someone could use common sense and respect and not destroy someone else's property.

And a fundraiser, really for what, to buy the 14-year old a ticket OZ to see the Wizard, so he can ask for brain since he wasn't born with one, i know I would not give a dime to him, i be giving to the Water Park Owner to help cover the lawsuit that is bound to happen even though it wasn't their fault.

The only local water park near where I am closed in like 2004 because of lawsuit when 20 high school kids pushed the attendant aside and decided to all go down at once, the slide collapsed and then came the lawsuit the owner of the small park couldn't afford, so they closed and filed bankruptcy.

Stupid people ruin fun for everyone
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Re: 14-year-old boy gets sucked inside drain at water park after 'dare'

Post by Pete » Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:15 am

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